Why the Confident Candidate Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Michaela Coll
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We always hear that confidence is the key to success. Many employers like to see confidence in candidates because it is attractive characteristic, as it inspires a sense of security and reassurance in others. You can think to yourself, “I made the right choice,” when hiring the best interviewee because they sold you on the idea that they were the best person for the role. 

But what if they weren’t the best choice? 

While those who exude self-assurance can be great candidates for the position, people who may not exude that level of confidence should be considered for the role, as well. 

People such as introverts who may be quieter and more reserved may be overlooked during interviews. I know many quiet and shy people with an array of skills and qualifications for the jobs they are interested in. In fact, there are eight types of personalities according to Myers-Briggs Type Indicator that are all labeled as introverted, and many of which are described as quiet, reserved, reflective, but also logical, analytical, creative, and empathetic, which are all great qualities to have in a future employee. 

Try to look for more than just confidence during interviews so you don’t miss out on amazing candidates that have the qualifications but may not exude confidence the way some candidates may. Evaluate the candidate’s ability to learn. Skills can be developed. Do they have curiosity? Are they determined? What motivates them? Can they show self-awareness? Are they adaptable?

Asking open-ended questions during the interview and see how their mind works. Some candidates who may not come of as calm, cool, and collected like others may have very good ideas and out-of-the-box thinking. The confident candidate can be the best choice for the job, but so can candidates who may show their skills and abilities in other ways. 


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