Things You Can Do to Improve the Candidate Experience

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The job application can be very exhausting for candidates. They need to create a resume, complete a job search, read dozens of postings and all the descriptions and requirements that go along with it, pick which ones to apply to, possibly re-tailor their resume to fit individual positions, answer secondary questions on company websites during the application process, etc. 

All of this can make the candidate’s experience not so favorable, especially if you happen to be a company that has a lengthy and grueling application process. 

Here are some ways to improve the candidate experience: 

  • Create an easy application process for candidates. Create job postings that are easy for potential applicants to find on websites like Nexxt, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. Some of these websites create a shortcut for people to apply to your positions by immediately sending in a candidate’s resume and profile with a click of a button. If you prefer candidate’s apply to your position through your own company website, try to shorten the online paperwork to something they can complete in 10 minutes. Some companies have application processes that take up to a half hour, in which applicants must send in their resume, manually put in information the resume entails onto your website, and answer secondary questions, just to apply. This creates a negative experience when the candidate gets exhausted, and they don’t even know if they’re going to have the opportunity to interview for the position yet. Find ways to cut this process down to something shorter and easier, possibly by having a system that automatically fills in the information applicants send from their resumes. 

  • Be concise and clear in your job description. Some job descriptions contain several paragraphs in which candidates are discerning what their job responsibilities are and what the role entails. Try to be as direct as possible with potential candidates about what they will be doing in this role, so there is no confusion. 

  • Communicate with candidates. There are many instances in which people don’t hear back from potential employers for a while. Try to keep in touch with candidates so they are aware of what’s happening throughout the process and don’t feel confused with where they stand. Additionally, after interviewing candidates provide them with information about the company, like a fact sheet, that shares what the company mission, highlights the corporate culture, and shares about the benefits. If you’re able to share a rough timeline of when they will hear from you next, that is also great in making the candidate’s experience head and shoulders above your competitors. 

  • Accommodate when needed. Many potential candidates are already working in full-time or part-time positions. Scheduling for interviews in between workdays can be difficult, so try to understand where they are coming from and what they have to work around so you can accommodate when possible. 

  • Be open to receiving feedback. Whether it be through a questionnaire you send to candidates or a question you ask them in person or on the phone, be open to receiving feedback about the candidate’s experience with your company so you can always try to improve the process. 

Making the candidate experience a positive one will create a great reputation for your company and make those individuals want to recommend employment at your business to friends and family. Taking these tips into consideration will set you on track for improving the experiences people have with your business.


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