Six signs you are in the wrong career

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I read the article “six signs you are in the wrong career” today and it really hit home with me! How many times in your life have you been in the wrong job or in the wrong career? What did you do about it? According to the article, the six signs are:

1. The job isn’t paying enough: We all have these issues. It seems like no matter what your salary, you always need more. The article indicates that higher degree employees earn more money so maybe you should consider going back to school. Maybe but it’s not always true in every case. You could have a master’s degree today and still be in an entry level position. If you need to earn more, look around your company and see what positions you might want to aspire to. Everyone knows that management positions pay more so maybe this is for you, too. Check out the position and find out what is required for it. This way you will know whether it’s worthwhile to pay for an advanced degree.

2. You are bored: Ahh now this is a tricky one. We all find at least one day where we are bored at work. However, if you are bored every day, it is a good sign that you are not in the right position or even the right company. Think about what you want to do. Write up your career goals list and determine the right direction for you. If your option is to stay in your current position, take the time to talk to your supervisor/manager one on one. Don’t SAY that you are bored but indicate instead that you are willing to do more work.

3. There is no growth potential: Boy oh boy – how many of us are in this particular rut. You have the same job that you had ten years ago with no chance of going anywhere. Well, not everyone needs growth. Some people are perfectly content in their position and have no aspirations to climb that corporate ladder. However, if you are one of those people who dream of being the boss or the CEO then you might want to consider looking for a new job that offers the potential to grow. Of course if there is growth potential for others while you remain stagnate, then maybe you need to take a good hard look at yourself and determine why you keep getting passed over for promotion.

4. Company is laying employees off: We all face this today with companies still cutting back on their employment rolls. Unfortunately this is a reality that must all face. If this fear is taking over, you might want to have a one-on-one with your supervisor and see where things lie in your industry/department. If layoffs are happening all around then it’s probably the time to consider a new career direction.

5. You are job searching while at work: This is an absolute no-no regardless of where you work or regardless of your circumstances. You may not realize it but your IT department keeps tabs on ALL of the sites that you visit on your computer so you aren’t fooling anyone. My recommendation is to STOP it now before you end up job searching for real – at home without a paycheck. If you really need to do a job search, then make the time for it at home in the evenings or on weekend but NEVER at work.

6. You hate getting up in the morning: Out of all of the signs, this is the greatest indicator that you are in the wrong job or even in the wrong career. The article indicated that hitting the snooze button isn’t really a reason to start looking but, if you are having nightmares about the job it is definitely time to make a change!!!

The above is just a quick list of six signs – there could be more. If you were shaking your head in the affirmative while reading this, it’s a pretty good chance that it’s time for a real change. Whether it’s just changing jobs or changing careers it could be time to take that first step. If you are one of those who were saying YES – this is me, I would love to hear about it. Send me comments and we can chat about your issues.

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By: Nancy Anderson, Staff Writer

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