Nontraditional Ways to Find a Great Hire

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The current state of the job market is a boon for companies looking to fill open positions. However, many hiring managers would rather get root canals than be forced to sift through hundreds of resumes just to find a few qualified job candidates. If this is the position you're in, here are a few creative ways to find great employees.

  1. Save time with self-selection: While many people are happy to fill out an application or submit a resume, some are less willing or able to follow through with other job hunting activities such as sitting for an interview. One effective recruiting strategy you can use to avoid wasting your time is to host a group event. For example, invite job candidates to an open house where they can learn more about the company. Invite the ones who show up to a second interview and discard the applications of those who don't.
  1. Use social media: For better or worse, social media is here to stay. Fortunately, there are a number of ways businesses can use sites like Facebook and Twitter for sourcing talent. In addition to posting job opportunities, you can use social media to locate potential job candidates by sifting through profiles on LinkedIn and similar sites. As controversial as the practice is, you can also conduct research on people who have already applied to make sure they are a good fit for the company.
  1. Recruit from other companies: Not all potential job applicants will be unemployed or looking for work. Sometimes the perfect employee will already have a job with another company and no plans to leave. However, don't let that stop you from courting these potential recruits. Luring employees from other companies is actually a common recruiting strategy employed by human resource agents all over the world. Start by conducting research on the person. If you feel the individual would be a good fit, correspond personally with the person to express your interest. Be prepared with an offer. Even if the person doesn't take you up on it, the offer can set the stage for future negotiations.
  1. Look for recruits at events: Rather than searching for potential employees at job fairs, go to alternative events job candidates are likely to attend. For example, you'll probably find good salespeople at a seminar teaching the latest marketing techniques. Chances are pretty good these people will already have jobs. As noted before, don't let that stop you from learning more about them and making an offer. You never know. The people you speak to may be unhappy with their current employers, and your offer may be exactly what they needed to jump ship.

To find good job candidates, you must think creatively. Investing a little time and effort into pursuing nontraditional ways of filling your open positions can lead to being rewarded with wonderful employees who strive to make the company great.

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