Job Postings Need an Overhaul

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In the same way that employers seek the best candidates for their company or organization, candidates are bound to apply to the most appealing job postings. This goes beyond the basics of pay, benefits, and experience; modern, engaging job listings are essential in winning talent. So how can you transform your job postings from blah to exciting? Here are four ideas to do just that:

1. Be Creative
Job postings can appear to be a dime a dozen. While the basic format seems efficient, it can also be disheartening for candidates to see the same template over and over again. Stand out! Avoid using the dry language associated with job postings and spice it up a bit. Incorporate some of your company’s values and culture into your posting. The aim of your posting is not only to inform potential candidates about the position, but to inspire them to want to be a part of your team.

2. Increase the Visual/Aesthetic Appeal
The same way that the language and formatting of a job posting can drive candidates away, the visual appeal of the posting can do the same thing. Take a look into color psychology in order to combat this issue; colors can inspire countless different emotions or feelings within a viewer, and this is a great concept to capitalize on. Check out this article from Mental Health America to help understand what different colors mean to people. Little things like color can make a huge difference in your job postings. Yes, we know if you’re posting to partner sites you have little control over what your job listing looks like, but take control over what you can!

3. Too Many Words, Not Enough Information
Just as the Talking Heads state within the song Psycho Killer, “you're talking a lot, but you're not saying anything!” Yes, less is more! With that being said, don’t drown out crucial information with excessive words. Be clear and concise in your delivery. Many job postings seemingly throw huge globs of information at potential candidates in the hopes that some of it will stick. Be different! Give your potential candidates enough to work with, but don’t make your job posting seem like an assignment for English class with a word count to meet.

4. Be Authentic
It can be hard to convey anything beyond basic information through one way communication. Despite this fact, it’s important to try. Let a bit of realness shine through! Keep your tone inline with how your organization speaks to reflect the corporate culture. Try to be as engaging as possible in order to inspire candidates and keep them interested. Letting a bit of your company or organization’s human side come through in your posting can help you to stand out from the masses.

Job postings don’t have to be boring. And job listings are often the first impression you will make on potential candidates, so make it count! Don’t overload candidates, but provide just enough information to keep them interested and engaged. 


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