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With the unstable economy, mergers, downsizing and takeovers, major changes are occurring in companies.  Changes present new challenges and everyone has to learn to cope.  This can cause stress, anxiety, illness and mistakes.  How can you adjust to the changes and still keep sane?  Here are a few suggestions that may help you cope.


Prepare for a change:  Although everyone likes an established routine, change doesn’t have that in it’s make-up.  Instead of fearing the upcoming changes, imagine how you would handle massive change in your workplace.  Think about what might happen and then how you would respond.  What would happen if you were laid off?  What if some of your co-workers were laid off and you stayed?  How would you handle the increased workload?  Having prepared yourself will help you not to be caught off guard.  If it doesn’t happen, then you’ll be more confident knowing that you could have handled it.


Unrealistic expectations:  When companies downsize or restructure, management can have a list of unrealistic expectations.  They may feel that productivity should increase even though the workforce has been reduced.  They may impose changes without input from employees.  The employees may expect that management should be more sensitive and communicate with them about what their needs are.  If expectations and concerns aren’t voiced and addressed on all sides then there will be disappointment and resentment.  Open communication from both sides is the key to this issue.


Protect your leisure time:  Downtime is very important to keep yourself productive.  Even though the workload has increased, you still have to make time to relax.  When there is change and stress at work, it’s important to get away and have time to yourself to unwind.  You’ll come back refreshed and be more productive than the co-workers who are glued to their desks. 


Stay upbeat and positive:  Even though the company is going through changes, remain upbeat and positive.  Acknowledging any negative feelings that you may be having about the changes can help you focus on the positive side rather than all on the negative side.  By looking at both sides, you can see the positive and negative aspects.  If you look at the whole picture, you can find the positive things to dwell on and encourage others to do the same.


Learn from other’s experience:  You can look at this one of two ways.  Either try to cope with all the changes on your own or talk to other people who have been through something similar and benefit from their experiences.  Find out what other people actually did when they were downsized or bought out.  Learn from other people’s mistakes or solutions.  If you reach out for support, you will get it.


If you go with the flow instead of fighting the changes, it will go smoother and be less stressful.  Keep developing your skills and learn as many different jobs as you can.  Also let your superiors know that you can be counted on to help when needed or called on.  Remember it’s all in how you look at it.  It can be a challenge to conquer and rise above or it can be an obstacle in the path of your career, the choice is yours!

How have you handled changes in your job?




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