Emerging HR Trends for 2015

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Progress is everything in the business world. To ensure your company remains at the top of the corporate pile, you need to check up on the latest human resources trends on a regular basis. They do change from time to time, particularly from a HR technology standpoint. If you remain up to date, you may be able to bag some of the better applicants before other companies even get a look at them.

One of the top human resources trends is at the heart of HR itself: the humans you need to recruit to keep your company strong are fundamentally different now than they were in the 1990s. They respond to different types of stimuli in advertising, and many of them want a very different lifestyle than the ones enjoyed by their parents and grandparents. Members of Generation Y, also known as millennials, are a stable part of the workforce and have more of a handle on the latest tech than any generation so far. Millennials are also more likely to be ready for strong leadership positions.

Generation Z is coming up next. Many experts agree that Gen Z people, born between 1995 and 2010, are likely to get snapped up fast when they enter the workforce. Members of Generation Z have grown up immersed in a plethora of gadgetry. For this reason, they are fundamentally well-equipped to help your company move forward from a technological standpoint.

Another big human resources trend is HR technology itself. These days, you are not limited to a choice of Monster or Careerbuilder when advertising for potential candidates. Technology has taken over the HR department, from document scanning to applicant vetting procedure. You don't have to wait for the interview to find out about job seekers: you can go online to LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and other sources to pre-screen applicants before they come into the office. 2015 is likely to see an increase iun the amount of big data used before applicants arrive on site in the first place.

Other human resources trends include employee retention, which has been falling steadily across the board. People – including your employees – value truth and honesty from their employers, particularly in this digital age. Your company can retain more of its employees if it retains or builds an open-door policy and a transparent veneer.

Other human resources trends include a shift from working for money to working for a purpose. Modern applicants want to feel valued and want to contribute something meaningful to your company and to the world in general. If you can capture and utilize the latest human resources trends, you can put yourself in the market for Generation Z candidates as they emerge from high school or graduate from college.


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