Construction Theme Park Planned in New Jersey

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New Jersey theme parks are a great way for families to have fun together, but at least one new development is catching the eyes of construction workers and investors alike. Diggerland USA, a project put together by a UK-based firm, looks to capitalize on the fun of big tractors and construction equipment. The construction-themed park will be located near Sahara Sam's Oasis, which is owned by the same company, and add to the growing list of New Jersey theme parks that combine educational and entertaining experiences.

Construction workers use a variety of big machines. Those colorful vehicles and tools often catch the eyes and imaginations of small children, and the newest of the New Jersey theme parks proves that construction can be both educational and fun for families and children of all ages. The rides based around excavators and other industry equipment are an excellent way to get patrons talking about work in the field. Hands-on operation may be a big hit for younger children as well as adults, and park construction is already underway for a 2014 summer opening.

Even though the latest of the New Jersey theme parks features rides based on potentially hazardous equipment, each ride features modifications to make it safe for public use. The park includes hands-on demonstrations as well as larger attractions. Compliance with safety regulations is paramount and can help entice investors who may be wary about leisure facility operations. The success of Sahara Sam's Oasis, the nearby flagship of the overseas company's New Jersey theme parks, is likely to counter many arguments about the capital-heavy investments needed for such projects. Capital and property expansions since the opening of that successful local attraction have proven the potential for projects such as Diggerland USA.

Other activities available once park construction is complete will include rock climbing, train rides, an arcade, and an attraction featuring swamp buggies. The park is expected to operate for nine months out of the year, giving it the ability to host a variety of events. Operators also expect to implement procedures to help combat the problems many theme parks experience with long lines. These improvements may give it a competitive edge and make it a wonderful place for construction industry workers to bring their families and friends.

New Jersey is home to a variety of attractions. Sahara Sam's Oasis and Diggerland USA are just two of the many ways to enjoy the state, whether you are a construction worker or simply in the area on vacation. The latest of the New Jersey theme parks is sure to be fun and educational for a wide variety of guests, and it can help increase public awareness about life in the construction industry.


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