Bobcat Introduces New Rock Bucket Attachment

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The Bobcat, when it was first introduced, was a bit of a revelation in construction equipment. For the first time, a small-capacity skid-steer loader was available for smaller projects and contractors where a full-size bulldozer or excavator would never have been able to efficiently complete the job. Now, Bobcat introduces a new bucket for their skid-steer loaders to effectively move rocks and other debris that are buried in soils.

Bobcat’s new Rock Bucket is made of individual tines that are gusseted and attached to one another. The bucket is used as normal -- it’s pushed forward into the pile containing the material you want to sift or sort, and then raised, allowing the soil or fine aggregates to fall through, with the larger objects remaining in the bucket. Changing attachments on a Bobcat is a relatively quick and fairly simple endeavour, so switching between the rock bucket to sift and sort and a regular bucket to clear the remaining aggregate shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. The other way of doing this is to use a screen, which requires additional equipment, multiple trips with the loader for both the soil and the rocks, and more workspace.

The Bobcat Rock Bucket is available for most of the machines in their skid-steer, all-wheel steer, and compact track loaders, and is available in four different widths up to 82”.

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