Why a College Degree is Still Worth It

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There has been a lot of debate lately about how much a college degree costs and if it is worth the price. I can understand. The cost of a college degree has skyrocketed and many recent college graduates are saddled with a tremendous amount of student loan debt and are struggling to find jobs. It is disheartening and can make many young people question whether or not they should attempt to go to college or if it's better to try to find a job and work for a few years before making a decision.

While it's true that college grads are unemployed in record numbers right now and many more are working in positions that don't require a degree, it seems that people with only a high school diploma are doing even worse. According to a new report from The New York Times, high school graduates are in a bad position. Only one in six has a full time job and three out of five are still living with their parents.

In the article, the Times looked at a report form the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development. The report was compliled by surveys taken by people who have a high school diploma and who are not enrolled in college full time. According to the survey, the large majority of the group are working in minimum wage jobs with no hope for getting a promotion or finding a new career. For many of them, getting a better career means going back to school.

In the current economic recession, this group is being hit the hardest. While college grads are struggling to find work, those without degrees are being left out in the cold. Here's a look at how the numbers stack up now as compared to the pre-recession era:

As you can see, having only a high school diploma seriously prevents young people from reaching the American Dream. Although college is expensive, it still seems to be worth it. Although there is one thing that the study didn't take into consideration. That is the importance of trade school. Vocational schools can be an answer for those who don't think that they would be successful college students. Typically, students at vocational schools take only two years to complete their training and are then able to get into careers that can earn them a living wage and help them become successful.

What do you think? Do you think college is worth it?


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