What are the Most Profitable Degrees in Today's Job Market?

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You are entering a time where the next four years will shape the rest of your career and you may be wondering what degree will serve you best in the future. If you are looking for a degree that will impress employers and be lucrative in the long-term, you have to think critically about the job market. When deciding which degree to pursue, the most profit potential often comes into these industries. Consider some of the degrees discussed below to help bolster your future career.

Web Development

It comes as no surprise that a degree in web development will help secure you a position in an ever growing and profitable field. In a day and age where computers have taken over much of the work, companies all over need employees with this degree, and they will provide a nice paycheck as well. You might find other facets within the field like coding, design, and marketing that better fit your personality and niche.


School systems all over the country need strong and dedicated teachers. With the needs of students growing every year, schools look for teachers that can provide what children need to maximize learning every day. Children today need group and individualized attention, and education degrees are highly valued. Look for places within the field you might not have considered like special education, specialized subjects, and more.


The general population is aging longer, and as a result, healthcare degrees are in demand. With most living well into their 70's, 80's, and 90's, jobs and salaries for healthcare professionals will continue to grow as the field becomes more advanced and more in-depth services and testing are provided. There is only more growth promised here, which makes it a great choice for new graduates.


Finance is a profitable major offering a wide array of job prospects. From banking to sales, the financial sector needs strong employees who are ready for intense work. The field pays extremely well, with average starting salaries over $60,000.


This is one of the most profitable degrees anyone can pursue. With average salaries well into the 6-figure range, engineers are highly regarded. From biomedical, aerospace, and electric engineering degrees, these individuals can expect to earn a generous salary from the beginning of their career though it does take quite a bit of intensive schooling and education to get there.


This profitable degree can lead to employment in healthcare, research, and education. For those interested in studying living organisms, this degree is definitely rewarding. An advanced degree may be needed for the fields of education and research; however, the major will definitely offer a generous return on investment for education costs. 


A degree in management can lead to a profitable career in many sectors, including business, finance, marketing, and healthcare. With starting salaries much higher than the national average, those who choose to earn a degree in management can enjoy a lucrative salary and many job opportunities.

Computer Science

This is an extremely profitable degree, as all sectors need computer and IT professionals. Pursue a degree in development, management or anything in between and enjoy a generous starting salary that increases regularly.

Pharmaceutical Degrees

This is a highly profitable degree that will continue to grow and be in demand. With the ever-evolving healthcare field, there will be an increased need for pharmaceutical graduates in sales, pharmacy, and many related fields. Drug companies are growing, and need valuable employees to grow with them. Enjoy a high starting salary and bonus opportunities with these career options. 

Depending on where your interests lie, there are many profitable degrees you can pursue. Do your research carefully when deciding which field of study you would like to enter. The profit potential of many bachelor’s degrees can be further increased with advanced degrees. Many of these offer higher than average starting salaries as well as signing bonuses for new job candidates.

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