Top 4 High Salary Stimulus Jobs

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President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan is expected to create a number of high-paying engineering jobs. You'll need at least a four-year college degree to land one of these jobs. Here are five you should look out for:

Civil Engineers. The current administration is big on rebuilding America's infrastructure. Roads, bridges, and overpasses all need to be evaluated and many upgraded to meet safety and usability standards. The same holds true for electrical grids, water and sewage systems. These must be brought up to 21st century standards and capacities. Rail yards, maglev trains and subways will also need to be evaluated and built or updated.

Industrial Engineers. To help make the most of stimulus funding, industrial engineers will be in big demand as projects move from concept to completion. These efficiency experts will be needed to optimize energy, materials and work flow.

Engineering Instructors. The shortage of engineering talent throughout the country will create a demand for tech savvy engineers. Private technical schools will be clamoring for seasoned and degreed engineers to train a whole new breed of technicians and technical specialists. These technical workers will be more "hands on" and less design or conceptually oriented.

Medical Device Engineers. Whether or not Obama's healthcare plan goes through, the Administration's goal is to provide better healthcare at lower cost. Part of the monies allocated to do that will go to improving devices and systems that help doctors diagnose and treat patients. Electrical and mechanical engineers will be needed to develop these new devices and enhance those that have become outmoded or inefficient.

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