The job search Part 9: New Horizons

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Funny that that's the name of the training agency I wrote about last week and how I'm feeling about this whole job search process.

Something new is just over the horizon.

The interview with the training agency didn't go as expected.

It seems like this is "the story of my life." Although I'm not bitter about it.

New Horizons is actually a school for people who want to enter the IT industry. People enter with all kinds of backgrounds. Maybe they want to refresh training they received in the past, get a better job, or learn something new.

I met with one of their recruiters who told me all about the school and how it helps students. For those interested in that field I definitely recommend visiting their website. Because not only are they a school, but they also provide job placement.

If only I could find such a place for what I want to do! I already have two degrees so paying for additional education (students receive a certificate) is not what I want to do. However, I do recommend such schools for those who want to improve in their current field. Or even those looking for something new.

As for me, I'm still looking for a full time position but really enjoying my part time position. This journey has been enlightening in many ways. It goes to show that finding a job and a career (which is my ultimate goal) is not as easy as it looks. Perseverance does help though as well as a positive attitude.


By: Samantha Taylor
Samantha is a Boston, Massachusetts native. Her studies have taken her from Ohio to England, and then Spain. She has lived abroad for more than 4 years. Currently, Samantha lives in North Carolina with her husband. She is a writer for Nexxt and contributes to one of its many blogs: In her spare time she loves to run and is training for a marathon. Check out her blog at:

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