Sun Tzu for Women: The Art of War for Winning in Business

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by Alex A. Kecskes

In Sun Tzu's now famous text, The Art of War, the ancient general speaks of techniques that men of war can use to achieve victory. But can these same pearls of wisdom be used by women to win in the corporate battlefield?

Author Becky Sheetz-Runkle thinks so. She has applied The Art of War to her career as a strategic marketer. Co-founder of Q2 Marketing, a tech marketing firm in Washington, D.C., Sheetz-Runkle's new book--Sun Tzu for Women--reveals how women can effectively adapt Sun Tzu’s strategies to advance their careers.

The book unites Eastern and Western thinking, noting that women in business experience many of the same "walls" as men--things like picking your battles, avoiding conflict, being true to your feminine side while adopting some male leadership traits.

Sun Tzu for Women shows working women how to address the many challenges they face in their careers. It provides specific examples of how women have won key battles in their work setting. Sun Tzu techniques are used in these instances to not only win battles but to create opportunities.

The author notes that women must learn to believe in themselves if they are to succeed in implementing the techniques revealed in the ancient tome. Sun Tzu for Women shows women how to capitalize on their natural gifts of intuition, sensitivity and passion. As Sun Tzu noted centuries ago, one must truly understand the nature of one's enemy and the lay of the land to achieve victory.

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