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When it comes to learning more in a shorter period of time, it seems online programs are becoming the path to take. It is an excellent way for you to enhance your skills sets that can help you get a promotion or land a new communications job.

Not only is the private sector embracing this approach, colleges and universities are getting onboard as well. Just recently, Crain’s Detroit Business reported that “The growing popularity of online courses has resulted in many completely online degree programs—and some programs nearly completely online -- based at Michigan universities and colleges. It’s part of a national trend tied to growing enrollment, declining state budget allocations and an eruption of new technologies. More that 5.5 million students participated in at least one online course in 2009, according to the 2010 Sloan Survey of Online Learning.”

These types of programs are growing for a number of specific reasons. First, is the fact that they are just so darn more convenient. Students do not have to get in their car, go to a campus, find a parking space, and walk into a classroom building and actually talk to other people. They can sit in their office or kitchen with a cup of hot coffee and navigate their online experience at their own pace and own time frame. Many college students I spoke with shared with me that they liked the idea of sleeping in late and taking a class online and doing what they needed to do when they wanted to do it.

Professional people like online programs for similar reasons. Taking an online class to upgrade their professional skills not only is more convenient, its saves them precious time. By logging on and completing assignments at their own pace, and at the time of day that works best for them, makes it a very attractive way to learn.

Geographic location is not an obstacle with pure online learning courses. Students can live virtually anywhere, participate in online discussions, and complete course work. With hybrid online classes, those that require students to attend class a portion of the time, work well with students who are within driving distance to the college or university.

Not only can this be a vehicle to learn more, to prepare yourself for a career in communication, but, you may find a career in this field of online learning,. With the continued growth and acceptance of this technological approach to learning many people are finding this field more and more of an opportunity for a new career. We will cover more of these career opportunities in a later blog.

To make it easier to keep yourself on a learning curve and more attractive to your present employer, or to potential employers, start taking advantage of online learning.

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