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Most people have lots of questions that need to be answered about obtaining an MBA degree, so let's get started. Most business schools, as well as major universities, both online and off, offer Master of Business Administration degrees. Today, more than ever before, students seeking any Master's degree are doing so online, most often because it affords a flexibility not found in traditional brick and mortar college campuses and coursework schedules. In this method, full coursework loads are sent to students who then develop their own pace for completing required coursework and exams requirements. Today, nearly 93% of students attending online colleges for an MBA degree work full time, and nearly 81% serve in management positions. That doesn't leave a lot of extra study time, but determination and focus offer the drive necessary to earn degrees in spare time. While many older adults are now pursuing Master's degrees online, most men and women doing so are around 35 years old and have been employed in the workplace for at least 10 years. What does this say? It says that the value of education, especially a Master's degree, of any type, will offer many in the business and science world the opportunity to step up the ladder of success. Keep in mind that there are many jobs and careers that don't require employees or management staff to hold a Master's degree, so if you're earning one for employment, and not self-improvement reasons, make sure that your time and money will be well spent in the pursuit of one. Today, most students seeking an MBA degree are already employed in government, manufacturing, IT, finance, self-employment and consulting positions, just to name a few. Most MBA online degree programs allow students to specialize in various fields, so take the time to do a little research and determine the best program to suit your needs and personal desires. Most students will spend approximately 3-4 years to complete coursework in order to obtain their Master's, but that's just a general, and some take longer, while others may take less time. Fees will vary depending on the online campus you choose as well as your specialty. When seeking the right college for you, determine the availability of financial aid and student support, and take the time to seek scholarships and grants when needed. Seeking a Master of Business Administration degree won't be easy, and it certainly won't be cheap, but it will be more than worth your efforts in the long run when compared to an increase of earning power and reputation. However, you must be able to work independently and pursue your coursework goals with a minimum of student/instructor assistance, so those who are serious about their goals will achieve the best results from this type of learning method. Can you handle MBA distance learning? Find out more at . Article Source:

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks so much for the great comments. There is definitely a difference between attending MBA classes online vs. a brick and mortar school. Depending on the situation, one may work out better than the other. The most important thing is to do your research and find the program that works best for your specific situation.
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  • MBA colleges in indore
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  • Paul
    I'm attending my MBA classes in a traditional brick and mortar school, and I'm glad that I have that luxury. If I lived in a rural area, however, it sure is good to know that more and more online (distance learning) MBA programs are being offered...and they are respected now. As for your point about it being difficult to juggle your time as you pursue an MBA--it's true. I only take one class at a time, but with three kids, a full-time job, and weekly volunteering opportunities...I sure am beat at the end of the week! But it can be done, believe me, it can be done.
  • Klondike
    Thank God! Someone with brains speaks!
  • Gloriane
    That's the best answer so far!
  • Shirl
    Kudos to you! I hadn't thought of that!
  • Staysha
    Thanks for sharing. What a pleasure to read!
  • Larry R.
    Larry R.
    I had a great experience with distance learning.  I got my distance learning degree at Liberty University and couldn't be happier.

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