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I have found out in the course of jobs that I have had that you need to be learning and growing constantly.  If you stagnate and just get comfortable in your job, you’re liable to find yourself without one.  There are always people willing to go that extra mile and you need to be one of those people.


When I worked as a floral designer, I was always reading floral design magazines.  I’d study the floral design books figuring out how an arrangement was made or what flowers worked.  I reasoned out why the floral designer used a certain type of design or why they didn’t.  I liked to try the new products the owner bought to see how they worked or how they could be incorporated into what we were already using.  I went to floral shows to see what the latest in designs were to keep the ideas fresh and I also went to classes to brush up on my techniques.  Every designer designs a little different even if they work in the type of floral shop that mass produces.  The key was to find a style and technique that worked for me and then constantly work on improving it and tweaking it.


I switched my career choice about 8 years ago from floral designer to freelance writer.  Although I do get to stay at home and write, it isn’t as easy as it sounds.  I have an office I work from with a “Do not disturb” sign on the door when I’m seriously working and don’t want to be disturbed.  It doesn’t always work.  Some people don’t believe writing to be a “real” occupation.  I mean if you’re just sitting at your desk, how can you be working?  A writer sitting and looking out the window isn’t really looking out the window; they’re inside their head writing the next paragraph. A writer that works from home also needs to keep to a schedule and not let time get away from them or put off something that really needs to be worked on.  You need to keep up with the demands of your work.


I am always reading writer’s magazines to keep up with what is new in the writing world.  At this time, I just finished a book titled “More Writer’s First Aid” and started one called “Word Magic for Writers”.   I’m involved in a course at the Long Ridge Writer’s Group and I enroll in classes online to round things out.  I’m constantly learning, reading and online researching. Once again I’m finding my technique and style and working on tweaking it. I believe that a writer is only as good as their growth potential. 


The point of all this is to remind you to always stretch your limits and then go beyond.  You need to be the best at whatever field you are in.  If you’re a cashier, then see what it takes to be head cashier.  Then take the next step and see if assistant manager is something you want to do.  If you’re a floral designer, learn all you can and then find out what you need to do to become the head floral designer. The potential for learning and growth is always there to be the best at whatever career you choose.


What have you done to learn and grow in your career choice?


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