Construction Trends for 2014

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With the end of the year looming, many businesses in the construction industry are beginning to solidify their plans for the year to come. As you develop your company's goals for 2014, it can be helpful to check predictions about construction trends. By staying on top of the latest developments, you can find smart, efficient ways to grow your business.

As the construction market continues to rebound, many businesses in the construction industry are looking for ways to expand business without outpacing consumer demand. Some sectors of the industry are experiencing an upswing in new builds, including the large commercial sector. According to a recent story in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the commercial construction industry in Las Vegas is continuing to grow, which indicates that the American economy is gaining strength. Across the country, construction trends point to a slow, steady rise in the number of new commercial building projects, which provides new hope for large-scale construction businesses.

While they prepare for new business, many construction companies are revamping their internal procedures. One of the most rapidly growing construction trends is the use of mobile apps on job sites. When site managers have access to apps that track progress, they are better able to stay connected with vendors, technicians, project managers, and clients. As a result, all involved parties can communicate efficiently, reducing wasted time and money. Construction companies that use mobile apps often combine them with cloud services, which enable all users to share information in real time. Cloud-based systems offer instant access to project information from any Internet-connected device, making them an ideal choice for remote sites and complex jobs.

As in many other industries, construction companies are turning to data-driven processes to hire employees, streamline operations, and build powerful teams. For larger companies, big data is one of the most important construction trends to watch. With the high level of competition in the construction market, any advantage is valuable; data can help you create a lean, streamlined team that operates well without wasting resources. As you are considering data services or software, look for products that include analytics tools.

Many companies have adopted comprehensive project management systems that enable them to track progress and share data. As 2014 progresses, construction trends indicate that companies will focus on user-friendly systems that are specific to the industry. Instead of purchasing fancy, confusing products, companies are expected to opt for more streamlined software that can be tailored to their specific needs.

Whether you run a small construction company or manage a large commercial outfit, construction trends can be a powerful indicator of the ways the market is changing. By staying informed, you will be better able to design your business plan to meet consumer demand without exhausting your resources.


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