Changes in the Wind

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When I opened up my email this week, I found out that some changes were going to be made at my job.  My first reaction upon reading the email was a bit of panic, followed by a good dash of self-doubt.  Then after I settled down and read the presentation for the new format, I realized that my fears were ungrounded and the new format was actually a blessing in disguise.  It will take me from being a content writer to being an article writer.  This would actually stretch my potential, put my research skills to good use and even give me a possible pay raise. This was a win-win situation.


Have you ever had doubts about a new job opportunity?  Have you been unsure of yourself and what you were capable of?  When we get into a rut and do the same type of thing for a long period of time, we get a little too comfortable.  By having a sudden change in your workplace, it shakes you up and gives you a different perspective.  Whether it’s a new boss, a new co-worker you now have to work with as a team or even a new format for your job, change is good for you.  Sure you have the self-doubts and wonder if you can deal with it, but if you don’t stretch your potential, you’ll never know what you are capable of. 


So, the first thing you do is reread whatever was sent to you or presented to you at a meeting.  Go slowly and really digest what you’re taking in. Take notes and highlight the important facts and points. Let your mind explore the possibilities of what this new opportunity has to offer.  Go beyond the boundaries you had set for yourself and think outside the box.  What can you bring to the table?  What do you have to offer?  How can this make your job more interesting? By allowing you to relax and concentrate on what the changes are, it will make the switchover a little easier.  By being apprehensive or fighting the changes it can cost you a lot of unnecessary effort and a possible loss of your job.


Try to give yourself a little extra time when you do your first assignment in the new format.  It is difficult to break old habits.  Double check and make sure you have covered all the points and changes that you were asked to make.  In my case since I’m a writer, it’s best to let it sit for a bit and then go over it.  Read it out loud to make sure you have the grammar correct.  Use your spell check to for spelling but then proofread it because the spell check won’t pick up words that are spelled correctly but used out of context.  Give it a bit of extra polish and make sure it’s the best you can do.  When you’re sure it’s what it’s expected, then submit it and wait for feedback.


Yes, change can be stressful in your work.  However, if you look for the good points, apply yourself the best you can and approach the new format or changes with enthusiasm, you’ll be fine.  You may even open up a new world.


Have you ever stressed over changes in your workplace?  How did you deal with them?


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  • Linda Ruzicka
    Linda Ruzicka
    Hi Heidi,You may want to consider taking classes in the style of writing you need to learn.  A lot of colleges offer classes both online and at the college itself.  Night classes are usually available for those who work day shifts. There are also some writing classes that are free online through various websites. It may open a whole new world for you!I wish you the best of luck!Linda
  • Heidi B
    Heidi B
    Hello Linda, Your article Changes in the Wind really struck a cord with me.  I have recently been terminated from a 6 year long job, whereas my role as accounts payable was depleted about 1.5 years ago and a shared service program was introduced.  Basically centralizing all accounts payable.  Since my job description was to work with News Service, journalists, editors etc, I was to perform more and more journalistic writing styles.  Well... I am from Canada originally and have always struggled with writing style.  My writing style was infused with the french style of writing.  It is like a reversed sentence structure and hard to comprehend at times.  This is mostly the reason I was fired in June 2012.  Do you have any advice for me?  You seem to have a wealth of information on this topic.  I really appreciate your consideration to reply.

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