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If you’re a software engineer, Apple’s new iPhone 4S will give you plenty of job opportunities and career choices—especially when it comes to unusual and increasingly popular apps.

Take Apple's new "Find My Friends" app, for example. The app’s GPS feature lets you instantly find any friend who has granted you access to their location. Seems pretty handy and innocuous, right?

Well, one New Yorker used the app to locate his wife only to discover that she was cheating on him. Suspecting his wife was less than faithful and secretly seeing a male acquaintance, he bought her a new iPhone 4S and loaded up the Find My Friends app without telling her.

When she told him she would be at her friend's house in the lower West Side of Manhattan, he activated his Find My Friends feature and discovered that she was actually on 2nd and 65th St. -- a far different neighborhood.

For those who have discovered their spouse cheating and who are ready to call it quits, there’s an iPhone divorce app that's ideal for anyone contemplating or experiencing a divorce. Called "The Divorce Encyclopedia," the app sells for just $3.99 (the equivalent of about one billable minute most divorce lawyers will charge you). The app provides easy access to a large database of divorce information—including over 1,000 important terms and topics.

All that’s needed now is a legal app that determines the division of assets, child visitation rights and calculates alimony/child support. Time for software engineers to get busy.

For an added perspective, check out this video:

Got any thoughts on unusual and interesting apps for the iPhone? Include them in the comments section below.

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  • Sean V
    Sean V
    Wow that seems like a very interesting use of technology. Anything to make money I guess. I know as a lawyer my friend Rob really loves that orange county divorce mediation has been so thriving lately because it is good for business.

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