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We all have things that we are passionate about, and sharing those skills is a great way to help others and to hone your talent at the same time. But, how do you connect with others who want to learn what you know?

If there is something you've always wanted to learn, like knitting or you want to find out some useful skills to make you job easier, where can you go to learn them?

They are questions that have never had a good answer, that is until now. A new site, called SkillShare insists that anyone can be a teacher and that no matter what you want to learn, there is probably someone who can teach it to you.

SkillShare is a community marketplace that helps connect teachers and students. Basically, you can set up a topic that you want to teach and then advertise your class. When people buy tickets to your lesson, you give a 15% cut of your sales to SkillShare. As the community grows, teachers will be able to reach a larger group of students.

In an effort to build their site and attract more students and teachers, SkillShare has been bringing in high-profile experts to run introductory courses. Although they don't do a lot of marketing for teachers, they do provide support and tools to help you become a better teacher and they even offer assistance with finding a place to hold your classes.

Another thing that SkillShare offers is Skillshare Schools, which allows organizations to set up classes related to their industry. If you've wanted to find a way to teach your co-workers a specific skill or have a top sales rep share their tips, a Skillshare class might be a great way to get that organized.

If you take a look at their site, you can browse through a list of their current class offerings. You never know, some of the classes might just be what you were looking for.

Have you thought about teaching your talents to others? Why or why not?


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