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As more people embrace the option to work from home, professionals who are still stuck in the office often wonder what it's like to live the dream. Having total control over your schedule with no boss looking over your shoulder probably sounds enticing, but the reality might not live up to your expectations. Remote work requires strong focus and self-discipline. Before you make the transition, get an accurate picture of the challenges of work-from-home jobs.

Myth #1: You Can Stay in Bed

Hanging out in bed with snacks and a laptop does work for some people, but being too relaxed could weaken your work ethic. For the first few days, an ultra-casual environment helps you destress. Over time, however, it's common to lose motivation and struggle with procrastination because you don't have the same professional mindset.

Not to mention, workers who use video conferencing throughout the day need to dress professionally and work in a presentable area. Remember, your boss may stop letting employees work from home if you appear to be slacking.

Myth #2: You Gain Better Work-Life Balance

Hoping to sleep in longer or spend more time with family? If you work from home, you might end up being busier than ever. Be prepared to deal with family and friends who believe remote work means you're free to run errands and take care of their every need.

Setting clear boundaries is the only way to attain a good work-life balance, regardless of where and when you work. Take your responsibilities seriously if you want loved ones to do the same. Create a designated space and time for work to make it clear to others when you're off-limits.

Myth #3: You're Free to Make Your Own Hours

The flexibility of your schedule depends on your arrangement with your boss. If your job involves ongoing communication or collaboration, you likely need to stay available during business hours for timely updates on team projects.

Even as a self-employed professional, you might find it less effective to work from home with a scattered, unstructured schedule. Distractions in your environment can quickly cut into your productivity and make it hard to get into a steady rhythm. Keep in mind, few freelancers truly work alone. Many self-employed workers have to coordinate with clients or colleagues who prefer to communicate on a traditional timeframe.

Myth #4: The World Is Your Office

Choosing to work from home doesn't mean you should ditch the office altogether. A quiet, work-oriented environment helps to reduce distractions and provide you with all the tools you need to stay organized.

Haunting a local coffee shop or parking in front of the TV isn't the best way to meet work goals. If you're determined to work from home, carve out a dedicated space for a desk and supplies. That way, you're better equipped to concentrate for sustained periods of time.

If you're worried about feeling lonely or excluded, create a plan to check in with colleagues on a regular basis. For many stay-at-home professionals, the biggest change is learning to take charge and make constructive decisions with less supervision. Your colleagues are trusting you to be reliable and communicative, so speak up when you need support. Remote workers, what advice can you offer other professionals who are preparing to work from home?

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Tana T thanks for your comment. Tons of customer service positions are work from home. But be careful because they are not all legitimate. If a posting says legitimate - you might want to forget it. After all, if it's a valid position, why would they say that it's legitimate? Something to think about. Amazon did indeed raise their wage but took away stock and other benefits. These are mostly for "in-house" type positions. You may not be able to earn the same amount in a virtual position as you would in a traditional position. And you probably won't receive benefits, either. So make sure you do your due diligence before applying for work-at-home positions - even for Amazon. And one last word of caution - make sure that the position really is Amazon and not some fly-by-night scammer using Amazon's logos! Did I mention that you should never have to pay for a job?! If the posting wants you to purchase their workbook or some other junk that you would need when you start the position - say thanks but no thanks. All the best!

  • TANA T.
    TANA T.

    What about work-at-home customer service positions? I think Amazon uses some (many?) of this type of employee. Probably other companies too. Amazon just raised their minimum wage to $15/hour; that's pretty good in much of the country where the federal minimum wage is crazy low.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Norman W. thanks for your comment. You can set up alerts for "work from home" positions. When you set up your alert make sure that you choose Exact Phrase for your Type of Match. That will help to minimize the number of job alerts you receive. Or you can simply do a search for Work From Home by typing that into the Job Title or Keyword box at the top of the page. Leave the location blank and click on the search. Hope that helps. All the best on your search.

  • Norman W.
    Norman W.

    I need a work from home job, all I am getting from here is go to work positions. How do I find the work from home stuff?

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Robert G thanks for your comment. Sure there are plenty of legitimate home-based businesses out there as well as many home-based jobs with companies. You just have to make sure that you do your due diligence before applying. As I indicated before -never pay any money. If they are asking for money up-front, it's probably not real. And, if a company has to put - this is a legitimate work from home position - you have to really dig deep. If it's legitimate, why would they have to say that? So just make sure that you really check them out before applying.

  • Robert G.
    Robert G.

    Is there really any legitimate home based business jobs that make decent money?

  • Melvin P.
    Melvin P.

    I have worrked too many years I need to know what it is not to have a boss on my back I need money so I definitely would be dedicated to business

  • Richard Al L.
    Richard Al L.

    you can also look in the Better Business Bureau

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. There's a ton of information on the Internet regarding work from home jobs. Please proceed with caution, though. Only apply for a work from home position on a reputable site like ours. There are so many scams out there. Do NOT pay anything, either. If you have to pay for a job, it's probably a scam. Never agree to give them any banking information or to cash a check from them. Vet them carefully. Look them up. Ask around. There are so many work from home scams out there that you truly have to proceed with caution.

  • Marjorie C.
    Marjorie C.

    Very interested. Looking for more information for work at home jobs.

  • Suan S.
    Suan S.

    Interested Looking for more in to start up ?

  • LeeDawn M.
    LeeDawn M.


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